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Hearing Aids

How do you know if you need a hearing aid?

As we age, hearing issues may develop.  If you find yourself having difficulty in various environments, such as those with background noise, consult an audiologist for a hearing assessment.  The audiologist will determine how your ears perform through a series of tests involving sound and speech.  Then, the results are plotted against a series of norms to determine whether hearing is normal or not.  If the results are not normal, the audiologist will determine the need for medical intervention, such as for wax removal or surgery, or for hearing aids.  Please consult appropriate health care providers to learn candidacy.

Which Hearing Aids Are the Best?

There are many brands of hearing aids, each with multiple technology levels. The technology levels are designed for different lifestyles, whereas more difficult environments such as restaurants with significant background noise will require more advanced hearing aids. Many hearing aids also have special features, such as Bluetooth technology, that may appeal to you. Consult a licensed audiologist to discuss which hearing aids would be appropriate for you.

Will a Hearing Aid Be Noticeable?

Many of today’s hearing aid styles are very small and discreet. Even the more powerful hearing devices that traditionally sit behind one’s ear are available in “miniature” styles. Coastal Hearing and Balance Center offers a wide variety of high quality hearing device brands, styles, and levels of technology to fit your individual needs. Some patients may require devices other than conventional hearing aids, such as bone anchored hearing aids or cochlear implants to adequately rehabilitate their hearing loss. Our team of experts will carefully evaluate your lifestyle requirements and recommend the most appropriate option for you.

There are two steps to choosing a hearing instrument. The first step is choosing the hearing aid style that is most appropriate for your hearing loss and your dexterity needs. The second step is assessing your lifestyle and your listening demands and expectations to determine the most appropriate level of technology for your needs.

How do you know if you need a hearing aid or a cochlear implant?

The determination depends upon the severity of the hearing loss.  Most hearing losses can be effectively treated with hearing aids, allowing for clear understanding in various situations.  However, certain hearing losses are too severe for hearing aids.  As a hearing loss gets greater and greater, the ability to understand amplified words declines.  After ineffective trials with hearing aids, a patient may be evaluated for a cochlear implant.  A cochlear implant is an invasive surgery that can be performed by special doctors called neurotologists.

Where can I get a hearing aid?

Hearing aids can be acquired in many environments, including ENT offices, private practices, or hospitals.  However, please be sure to go to a location with licensed hearing professionals who are able to perform and interpret hearing tests.  These locations will be the most beneficial when it comes to choosing a specific hearing aid.

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