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Surfer's Ear


Surfer's ear is the common name for excessive bone growth within the ear canal. Cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop broad masses of new bone called exostoses, which narrow the ear canal. Surfers (and swimmers or divers) are often exposed to cold water and wind, resulting in excessive bone growth and subsequent narrowing (stenosis) […] ... more

Association between allergic rhinitis and poor sleep parameters in U.S. adults


This study investigates the relationship between AR and sleep parameters in a representative sample of U.S. adults, which was cowritten by Dr. Josef Shargorodsky. Background Sandra Y. Lin MD Evidence suggests relationships between allergic rhinitis (AR) and poor sleep parameters, but population‐based studies in the United States are lacking. Methods Cross‐sectional study of 5563 participants […] ... more

Experiencing More Allergies This Year Than in the Past?


Are you experiencing more allergies this year than you have in the past? You’re not alone! Pollen count, this year so far, is at an all-time high… but why? Changes in average temperatures are leading to a longer tree pollen season. The pollen season is dependent on the length of light and temperatures during the […] ... more