Coastal Ear, Nose and Throat’s Dr. Seth McAfee offers a Minimally Invasive Treatment to cure those suffering with Surfer’s Ear


NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY – Surfer’s ear, a disorder of progressive bone growth in the ear canals, affects surfers, divers, and anyone experiencing recurring bouts of cold water and wind exposure. Surgery permanently corrects the consequences of surfer’s ear, resulting in hearing restoration, elimination of water trapping, and elimination of recurring ear infections.

Normal ear canals withstand water entry without problems. However, cold water enthusiasts commonly develop bony masses that result in obstruction of the ear canals. Water enters the ear and becomes trapped, generating discomfort, infection, pain, and the need for frequent visits to a physician. As the bone masses increase in size, they eliminate the ability for sound to reach the ear drum, which results in hearing loss. Surgical removal eliminates the pattern of progressive hearing loss, frequent infections, pain, and constant clogged ears.

Surgery for surfer’s ear consists of eliminating the bone growth with the use of surgical grade bone chisels, through the ear canal, without the need for an incision behind the ear. This hastens recovery and minimizes pain after surgery. Surgery lasts several hours, and patients go home the same day. Most patients are ready to return to the water within three to four weeks after surgery. This surgery is performed by Dr. Seth McAfee at the Coastal Surgery Center or at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Dr. McAfee is board certified in pediatric and adult Otolaryngology, and is also a fellowship trained neurotologist. He practices at Coastal Ear, Nose and Throat in Neptune, New Jersey. (

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