Dr. Roche featured in the article, A Journey for Relief


Bayshore Medical Center: Virginia resident travels eight hours for expert surgical care at Bayshore Medical Center.

Throughout his life, Jeremy Johnson, 33, of Suffolk, Virginia, has had sinus polyps that gave him chronic headaches and made it difficult to breathe. “My quality of life was severely impacted. I couldn’t taste food. I wouldn’t be able to breathe, and it made me anxious,” he says.

In 2011, things changed when Jeremy’s allergist referred him to John Roche, M.D., an otolaryngology surgeon now affiliated with Bayshore Medical Center, who was practicing in Virginia at the time.

Dr. Roche made Jeremy feel confident and at ease. “His candor and professional patience was so welcoming. He went above and beyond, giving me a thorough and comforting explanation of my issues and his plan of care,” says Jeremy.

Following the initial consult, Dr. Roche performed a noninvasive sinus surgery to repair Jeremy’s deviated septum and remove the polyps that had formed in his sinuses. Jeremy’s relief was instant.

Five years later, Jeremy’s symptoms began to return, and he suspected he needed surgery again. He reached out to Dr. Roche’s office for another consult, but learned that Dr. Roche was moving his practice to Holmdel, New Jersey. He sought care from other local otolaryngology providers, but didn’t feel as comfortable with them. Jeremy decided to move forward with Dr. Roche as his surgeon.


When Dr. Roche’s Holmdel practice opened earlier this year, Jeremy made the eight-hour drive from Virginia to be one of his first patients. “It was like he had seen me yesterday. He remembered everything about my case and made me feel like I was his only patient,” says Jeremy.

During a preoperative consult, Dr. Roche reassessed Jeremy’s condition, reviewed his CT scans and mapped out a surgical plan to remove his sinus polyps. “Treatment for sinus polyp sufferers is continuous with a combination of anti-inflammatory treatments, irrigations, allergy treatments and surgery as needed for worsening symptoms and recurrence of the polyps,” says Dr. Roche. “In addition to infections that occurred with the recurrence of the polyps, Jeremy also had a diminished sense of smell. Treating these symptoms definitely has a large impact on Jeremy’s life.”

At the Same Day Surgery Unit at Bayshore, Dr. Roche performed surgery to open up Jeremy’s sinus airways and remove the polyps. Jeremy credits his ability to go home that same day to Dr. Roche and the support staff at Bayshore. “From the anesthesiologist to the nursing staff, everything was above and beyond what I expected,” he says.

Worth the Trip

Immediately after surgery, Jeremy had relief from his symptoms. “That first big full breath through my nose was incredibly satisfying,” says Jeremy.

“Dr. Roche is heaven-sent. I would have traveled to California to have my surgery with him,” says Jeremy. “Dr. Roche saved my life, and I think he is the greatest doctor I’ve ever met.” By Jim Kelly

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