Common ENT Issues in the Fall Months!


There is a lot to like about autumn. The cooler weather, changing leaves, and many holidays make it a fun and festive time of year. However, the change in the weather can also mean new challenges and illnesses for your ears, nose and throat. While many of these issues are more prevalent for children, there are plenty of ENT problems to go around for every age group. Here are some of the things to look out for during the fall:

The Common Cold

There are over 1 billion colds reported in the United States every year, with high activity taking place in the rainy, colder months. Some studies even suggest that the average child will get eight to ten colds per year, primarily from September to March.

Viral Upper Respiratory Infections

These infections are spread through coughs, sneezes and even general talking, which can seem quite overwhelming if you consider every single interaction you have with various people throughout the day. Children at a school or day care environment are at an even higher risk as they are exposed to the exchange of these viruses every day.

Ear Infections

While this is mainly a concern for younger children, the increased occurrence of ear infections in the colder months is something everyone should be mindful of if you are a parent or work in an environment where children are present. In fact, children in day care environments, which are a necessity for millions of families, are expected to have between three and ten ear infections every year.

What Can Be Done?

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