Early Warning Signs of Hearing Loss


Hearing LossAs you age, it’s more likely than not that your hearing will decline. This is due to a lifetime of noise from things like loud work environments, rock concerts or head phones. In addition, hearing loss can be brought on by diseases like diabetes, heart problems or hypertension. The unfortunate thing is that loss of hearing tends to happen so gradually that many people don’t even know they have it until it’s progressed significantly. Look for these early warning of hearing loss:

Frequently Asking Someone to Repeat Himself
If you find yourself asking for clarification or for something to be repeated often, you are likely experiencing one of the first signs of hearing loss. This can not only be frustrating to you, but to your friends and loved ones who may grow exasperated with frequently having to repeat themselves.

Complaints About the Volume on Your TV or Radio
Turning up the volume on your RV is one of the more common signs that you’re hearing is going. This usually happens when other people in the room complain that the TV or radio is too loud when it sounds find to you.

Trouble Hearing Women and Children
It isn’t uncommon to lose hearing within a certain frequency as you age. Women and children generally have higher-pitched voices than men, which can be a problem for someone who is experience a hearing loss.

Withdrawing From Social Situations
Loss of hearing can be especially frustrating for people in social settings because they’re unable to follow conversations. In turn, you may choose to forego social situations you used to enjoy, without really identifying loss of hearing as the reason.

Although hearing loss doesn’t happen all at once, being aware of the early signs can help you address your hearing problem sooner. If you think you may be losing your hearing, schedule a hearing exam with your doctor today.

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