Experiencing More Allergies This Year Than in the Past?


Are you experiencing more allergies this year than you have in the past? You’re not alone! Pollen count, this year so far, is at an all-time high… but why?

Changes in average temperatures are leading to a longer tree pollen season. The pollen season is dependent on the length of light and temperatures during the day time.

While in March and April the light may be different, snow and ice were still very much present in our area a few months ago.

In addition, the increase of pollen particles could easily affect hay fever sufferers, who will be at risk of runny noses and red eyes.


Will it ever end?

Pollen season starts in the Spring time — usually till the end March or the beginning of April — when trees start to project tiny grains in the air. Tree pollen is followed by the release of grass pollen — which occurs from May into July.

Who is Affected?

People who are allergic to all three types of pollen — tree, grass, weed — face a more difficult and prolonged season

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