Five common reasons to visit an ENT


The ears, nose, and throat are common areas of concern for patients in New Jersey. Whether you deal with allergies or hearing loss, an ENT professional can help. At Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat, our doctors are available to provide patients with a wide range of services for their needs. Many patients ask, what are some reasons for visiting an ENT?

Conditions an ENT professional can assist with

Below is a short list of common conditions that can be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated with the assistance of an ENT professional at Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat:

  • Lumps – if you notice any lumps in the neck or throat that has been present for over two weeks, it might be a good time to be seen by an ENT to check for cancer that may have spread to the lymph nodes in the neck and require a biopsy to diagnose.
  • Long-term hoarseness – most patients will experience hoarseness several times in their lives due to bronchitis or the common cold, but long-term hoarseness may be an indication that lesions or cancer are impacting the vocal cord or larynx. This may require an immediate evaluation by a professional to diagnose the source of the problem.
  • Allergies – allergic reactions often cause patients to experience a plethora of symptoms which may include stuffiness and problems with the ears, nose, and throat. Diagnosing and treating allergic symptoms provides patients with relief, especially if their allergies are chronic or year-round.
  • Recurring ear infections – children that continually go to the doctor for ear infections may need to speak to a doctor about placing tubes in the ear to help with drainage and reduce ear infection problems that may be happening regularly.
  • Chronic sinitis – when patients are stuffed up due to inflamed and swollen sinus cavities, they are often seeking assistance for relief. Patients with chronic sinusitis will want to work with their ENT to discover the source of the problem and find the best treatment option based on their unique situation.

Discuss your need with the team of Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat

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