Infant Hearing Loss: how to determine if your baby’s hearing is on track


Pediatric Hearing Neptune, NWithin the first year of a child’s life, you’ll joyfully witness their first smile, crawling, and babbling. But how do you determine if their hearing is developing as it should? Before you leave the hospital after delivery, a hearing test will have likely taken place. If not, infants should have their hearing levels tested before they are one month old.

Hearing Milestones

Babies can develop hearing issues as they get older. Although they may have passed their initial hearing test as a newborn, always watch for signs that their hearing is still properly developing. Here are some general milestones to help you determine if your baby can hear properly. But remember, all infants develop differently and within different timetables. These milestones are meant to give you a general idea of how your baby should be progressing.

Birth to 3 months

  • At this stage, your baby should be able to react to loud noises. They also make soft sounds on their own and will calm down or smile when someone speaks to them.

4-6 months

  • In this phase, your baby will begin to look at the source of a sound and will likely show interest in music. They will become agitated by loud sounds and will respond to different tones of voice.

7-12 months

  • As your baby enters the end of their first year, they may be able to respond to their name. They will turn their eyes towards things you talk about and will start to repeat sounds. You will notice that they appear to be listening when spoken to.

Visit your doctor

If you think your baby might have a hearing issue, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with your doctor.  If you think there is a hearing problem, it best to catch it early on before they are 3 months old. If babies receive the help they need early on; they can develop regular language and speech patterns like children their age.

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