Is Your Home Making You Sick?


If you or a loved one suffers from allergies or asthma attacks then you know there are “triggers” that can bring on an attack. Some of the most common triggers are:

Tobacco Smoke: Do not allow secondhand smoke near you, in your home, your car, or wherever you spend a lot of time

Dust Mites: are in every home. Use mattress covers and pillowcase covers to make a barrier between dust mites and yourself. Do NOT use down-filled pillows, quilts, or comforters.

Outdoor Air Pollution: Can come from factories, cars, etc. Be aware of air quality reports

Cockroach Allergen:
Remove as many water and food sources as you can in your home to prevent cockroaches

Pets: If you have a furry pet make sure you vacuum often. If your floors have a hard surface (wood or tile) damp mop them every week

Mold: Humidity can make mold grow. Try to control humidity with an air conditioner or a dehumidifier. Fix water leaks, which let mold grow behind walls and under floors

Smoke from burning wood or grass: Smoke from burning wood or grass is made up of a mix of harmful gases and small particles. Breathing in too much of this smoke can cause an attack. If you can, avoid burning wood in your home

Helpful hint: Check air quality reports often, on the radio, internet, television, and your local newspaper to plan your activities for when air pollution levels will be low.