Sleep Apnea Myths


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Sleep apnea is categorized as a sleep disorder that happens when breathing is interrupted during sleep. Those with untreated sleep apnea will regularly stop breathing during sleep. For some people, these interruptions can occur up to hundreds of times. Regardless of the severity of an individual’s sleep apnea condition, the brain and the body may not be receiving enough oxygen. Here are some common myths about this serious sleep disorder.

Myth: Sleep Apnea is only snoring

Snoring can certainly be a sign of sleep apnea, but there is a wide difference between the two. Those with sleep apnea will cease breathing numerous times during the night. These gaps in breathing can last up to 30 seconds followed by a loud snort when breathing resumes. This type of sleep will leave you exhausted the next day.

Myth: Only Older People Get Sleep Apnea

Research estimates that over 20 million American adults suffer from some form of sleep apnea. The sleep disorder is more typical after age 40 but it can impact people of any age. You are more susceptible to sleep apnea if you are male, overweight, African American, or Latino. The disorder can also be genetic.

Myth: Alcohol Will Help You Sleep

Alcohol might make you feel groggy, but it won’t provide the deep rest your body requires. For those with sleep apnea, alcohol will relax the muscles in the back of your neck, making it easier for your airway to get blocked.

Myth: Sleep Apnea Is Uncommon In Children

Studies show that one in ten children may be impacted by Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The symptoms are generally mild and in most cases children will outgrow it. Others may start to have severe behavioral problems if left untreated.

Myth: Surgery Is The Best Way to Fix Sleep Apnea

For certain individuals, surgery can certainly cure sleep apnea. For instance, large tonsils may be blocking the airway and may require removal. There are less invasive options to consider before surgery, so speak with your doctor first.

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