Summer Heat and Hearing Aids


Summer is finally here which means beaches, sun-soaked vacations, barbecues, and more festivities all around! Warmer weather also brings heat, humidity and air conditioning all of which can wreak havoc on hearing aids. Simple steps can be taken to prevent damage and ensure that you protect your hearing aid.

Here are a few tips on protecting your hearing aids:

  • Avoid Moisture: Any exposure to water, humidity, condensation or perspiration can cause serious damage to hearing aids. As the days become warmer, it is especially important to avoid any accidental exposure to moisture. Using a hearing aid sweat band can help to protect them from unavoidable moisture.
  • Remove before you Shower: Take your hearing aids off when you shower, swim or are going to be exposed to water in any form.
  • Give your Batteries a Rest: At night, leave the battery door on your hearing aid open to allow moisture to escape and avoid corrosion.
  • Watch the Sunscreen: Sunscreen has oils in it that can be damaging to hearing aids. Take extra precaution when applying sunscreen oils or sprays.
  • Beat the Heat: Hearing aid batteries are especially sensitive to heat, and even small changes in temperature can affect their output. Make sure to store them in a cool, dry location.
  • Protect from Sunlight: To prevent the plastic coating on your hearing aids from melting, keep them out of direct sunlight and don’t leave them in a vehicle that is parked outside for an extended period of time. When you are outside, wear a hat to shield them from the heat and sunlight or take them off periodically to cool down.
  • Use a Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Jar: Overnight, place hearing aids in a dehumidifier jar or electronic dryer. This will assist with drying any remaining moisture trapped within the hearing aid throughout the day.
  • Combat Bacteria: Hearing aids tend to gather bacteria and other microbes more readily during the summer months. Anti-microbial Audio Wipes can be applied to the hearing aids every few days to help kill off infection causing microbes.
  • Hearing aids are a significant investment but with the proper care and maintenance, they can provide you better hearing for years to come. Contact us through your patient portal to order your hearing aid supplies or to request your next hearing aid maintenance appointment.