The benefits of bone-anchored hearing aids


When patients are learning about hearing aid devices, they may feel overwhelmed by the many choices available today. Patients with significant hearing loss might want to speak to a professional at Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat of New Jersey to discuss their options. Those who are interested in investing in a long-term, reliable solution for their hearing loss will want to ask our team about the advantages of using a bone-anchored hearing aid for improving their hearing.

What is a bone-anchored hearing aid?

Bone-anchored hearing aids, sometimes known as “BAHAs,” are surgically implanted devices that are used to improve hearing. They treat hearing loss by using bone conduction that takes sound vibrations and transmits them to the inner ear. This is different than more traditional hearing aids that are used in amplifying sounds outside of the ear canal. These specialty devices are best used for patients who one inner ear that functions properly. The best candidates are those that have conductive hearing loss or complete hearing loss in only one ear. During a consultation appointment, our doctors at Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat will determine if a patient is a proper candidate by conducting an evaluation and hearing test.

What are the advantages of a bone-anchored hearing aid?

There are many benefits to investing in a bone-anchored hearing aid versus a more conventional bone conduction hearing aid or insertable hearing aid device.

  • No pressure against the skin and skull
  • Better sound quality as the skin does not dampen the signal
  • More discreet
  • More comfortable
  • Uses the same advanced technology used in premium hearing instruments
  • Allows for preoperative testing
  • Better prediction of results
  • Simple, straightforward surgery with little risks
  • Surgery is performed with local anesthesia

Learn more about bone-anchored hearing aids during a consultation with our doctors at Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat

The doctors of Coastal ENT in New Jersey are pleased to work with patients and help them choose the hearing aids most appropriate for their needs. If you live in the communities of Neptune, Holmdel, or Manahawkin, NJ and are interested in discussing the benefits of treatment with our providers, we welcome you to call our office at (732) 280-7855.