Treating Your Allergies


Allergy Treatment Neptune, NJAt Coastal Ear, Nose, & Throat we understand how frustrating allergies can be. That’s why we offer allergy testing at our offices throughout the week. Whether you think you suffer from food allergies, seasonal allergies, or any other type, let us help you determine the best solution for your needs. Let’s address the different types of allergies.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies often occur with the change of season and affect your ears, nose, throat, or all three at the same time. Allergens are typically harmless but can create a severe immune response in some individuals. Seasonal allergens may be due to mold spores, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, etc. If an allergen is able to enter the eyes, mouth or nose, it generates an allergic reaction. In response you may begin to have watery or itchy eyes, itchy ears, sneezing, nasal discharge, headaches, sinus infections, dizziness, or congestion. The list goes on. Dealing with seasonal allergies is not an easy  feat. Immunotherapy or pharmacotherapy are two of the treatment options fo this kind of allergy.

Food allergies

When people experience food allergies, they are responding to a particular protein in the food that is eaten. Most food allergens are found in children, but they can occasionally show up in older kids and adults as well. Often, those who are dealing with seasonal allergies may also have food allergies. The primary difference between the two types of allergens is that food allergies can threaten your well being while seasonal allergies are not life threatening. With food allergies, symptoms are sometimes not seen until a few hours after the food is consumed. Other times, symptoms appear right away.

Allergy testing

Review our allergy testing hours to find a time that works well for you at our Neptune or Holmdel locations.

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