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Child hearing lossChildren who are experiencing significant hearing loss are not at a disadvantage. With today’s technology, pediatric hearing specialists at Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat are available to help both children and adults with hearing loss conditions. When chronic hearing loss occurs in a child, it can be addressed in various ways. One of the most popular hearing aid options is known as the BAHA, or “bone-anchored hearing aid” device.

What is a BAHA?

BAHA is a specialized hearing aid device that is surgically implanted into the skull. It stimulates the cochlea by transmitting sound waves through the skull via bone conduction. This allows the sound to bypass the outer and middle ear and transmit sound waves to the individual. This type of device is best used for patients with chronic middle ear conditions, outer ear problems, or congenital defects. It is also beneficial for patients with single-sided deafness. This device has been approved by the FDA for children over the age of five, and an alternative available with an adjustable headband is best for patients under the age of five.

How is a BAHA installed?

The BAHA device starts with the implantation of a titanium piece into the bone of the skull. An abutment allows for the attachment of the BAHA sound processor that can be easily removed and replaced on the implant. Sound waves are received by the sound processor and provide a transmission of sound to the patient while bypassing the middle and outer ear. While this treatment does require surgery, it can offer implantation underneath the hair that can provide for a discrete appearance.

What are the advantages of a bone-anchored hearing aid device?

The BAHA has many benefits. BAHA devices:

  • Allow for clearer, more natural sounds
  • Can be tested by patients before surgery is performed
  • Are comfortable to wear
  • Provides a reliable and exceptional outcome
  • Does not damage residual hearing
  • Is oftentimes covered by health insurance
  • Provides a long-term solution to chronic hearing loss

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