Voice Problems: How they Develop and When to Get Treatment


Laryngology & Voice NJVoice problems result when the lungs, voice box (larynx), or mouth are damaged. If you have a voice problem, you may experience discomfort or pain in your neck as you speak, trouble reaching proper pitch, quality, or loudness of your voice.

Anybody can acquire a voice problem, but there are specific occupations that make it more likely. For instance, teachers, preachers, singers, or jobs that require you to talk or project your voice for long periods, can be rough on your vocal cords. As you age, vocal cords will be naturally strain. Talking loudly, screaming, and yelling will also increase your probability of developing voice complications. If you are a smoker, had throat cancer, or have ever had surgery in your throat and neck, you may develop voice problems.

Symptoms associated with voice problems normally include hoarseness that extends beyond three weeks, difficulty swallowing, problems with breathing, choking or coughing while swallowing, the constant sensation that you have a lump in your throat and need to clear it, and a rough and raspy voice. Some people get laryngitis along with the common cold. This condition is not serious and is only temporary. If your laryngitis does not abate within two to three weeks, be sure to contact your doctor so they can examine your voice box (larynx).

A treatment plan for your voice should only be made after a detailed examination of your throat and voice box. Otherwise, serious illnesses such as cancer or precancer may go untreated with significant health complications later. There are also many benign (non life-threatening) diseases that affect your voice box. Treatment for benign voice disorders can range from observation, voice therapy to surgery.

The best way to address your voice concerns is to schedule an appointment with Coastal Ear, Nose, & Throat. Our doctors can determine the complexity of your voice problem and appropriately diagnose you. If you have inexplicable voice changes that limit your ability to communicate and last more than three weeks, you may be suffering from a more severe voice problem. To determine the best treatment, don’t hesitate to call Coastal Ear, Nose & Throat to schedule a consultation at (732)280-7855.