What can I do to understand people while wearing masks and hearing aids?


It can be somewhat difficult to hear others when they are wearing a mask.
It can help to:

• Face one another when conversing, taking care to maintain a safe distance
• Minimize ambient noise, if possible
• Speak slowly and clearly
• Inform the other person of your hearing aids
• Take turns speaking

Additionally, with many hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible, apps may be helpful in allowing the user to create a “mask program”, which emphasizes certain components of speech more effectively. Consult your audiologist if you have any questions.

What is The Best Hearing Aid for People Wearing a Mask?

Custom hearing aids that fit in the ear canal may be the most comfortable to wear with a mask. This is because no tubes or wires are sitting where the mask may interfere with fit or sound quality. Our team is happy to answer questions you have or assist you in choosing the most suitable hearing aids for your needs during this unprecedented time.

How Do You Wear A Mask With Hearing Aids?

If you wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid, you may encounter problems such as discomfort or tugging at the wires from the hearing aid to your ear. Many people worry that they will accidentally pull their hearing aid loose when applying or removing their mask. These are all understandable concerns. There are a few strategies that may be considered.

  • Ensure that the mask is closer to your head than the hearing aid is. When worn in this fashion, the hearing aid wires, and mask will not tangle. However, please be conscious when removing your mask. Pull back the mask before bringing it around the ear to ensure that the hearing aids remain stable.
  • Considering purchasing or creating a mask extender. These often look like a strip of fabric with a button on each end. Instead of looping the mask around your ears, the “arms” of the mask loop around the buttons near the back of your head. Raising this extender above your ears will also reduce traffic around the ears.
  • If you have long hair that can be put into a ponytail or bun, your mask “arms” can loop around your hairstyle.
  • Some masks are made with strings that tie at the back of the head rather than loop around the ears. These may be purchased online.

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