What Causes Vertigo?


Most people think nothing of walking across the street or navigating a staircase. But if you experience dizziness (or vertigo), these simple tasks are impossible without assistance. VertigoYou may take your body’s balance
system for granted unless you begin to feel unsteady on your feet. Your body’s ability to balance is controlled by a complex system that utilizes your sight, hearing and other sensory systems. All of these senses work together to help your body stay upright.

Your eyes help you determine where your body is in its surroundings and how it’s moving, the inner ear helps detect gravity and back-and-forth motion, and your sensory system sends messages to your brain about body movements and positions. Because so many parts of your body are involved, determining a balance disorder is often challenging.

When vertigo is caused by an inner ear disorder, your brain gets signals from your inner ear that don’t communicate with what your eyes and sensory nerves are receiving. As your brain tries to work out the disconnect, you experience vertigo. To determine if you may have vertigo, look for the following signs:

  • Feeling off-balance or “woozy”. If may be difficult for you to walk straight or you may need a wall to lean against for extra support.
  • Nausea. You may feel like you need to vomit, and your appetite will likely diminish.
  • Tinnitus. If you experience ringing in your ears, it could be a sign of vertigo.
  • Dizziness. The false sensation that the room is spinning is a common trait in vertigo sufferers.

Vertigo is a serious medical condition. If you think you may be experiencing vertigo, talk to your doctor. Most likely, the symptoms of vertigo are temporary and manageable. But if you experience severe vertigo, it may be necessary for you to take prescription medication to make the condition more tolerable. Together, you and your doctor can determine the cause of your vertigo and the treatment options that are best for you.
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