What Hearing Aid is Best for Me?


Hearing Aids Neptune, NJThough there are many types of hearing aids on the market, they are all similar in a few ways. Generally, they are all mostly digital and run on small batteries. Additionally, they all contain tiny microphones which collect the sounds you’re missing, and amplifiers to help focus those sounds to your ear. Hearing aids vary in the features, cost, and how visible they are when you wear them. Keep reading to learn more about each type, so you can determine which is best for you.

Completely in the canal (CIC) or mini CIC

A completely-in-the-canal hearing aid fits snugly inside your ear canal and is the least visible type of hearing aid on our list. These hearing aids can be used to improve mild to moderate hearing loss, and is probably best suited for adults. Because they are so small, the batteries to power them are also quite tiny and may run out sooner than others. That could lead to you switching out the battery more often than you would like.

In the canal

An in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid is generally custom-molded to your ear, and sits partly in your ear canal. These are good for improving mild to moderate hearing loss, and are best suited for adults. This type of hearing aid has more options and features than a CIC hearing aid, though they are still small and may be difficult to adjust in the moment.

In the ear

An in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid can be custom-made in one of two styles that fill half or all of your outer ear (fitting into the outer bowl of the ear). These are good for a larger range of hearing loss, but are also less discrete. This type of hearing aid offers a longer battery life, which is great for people who want to worry about changing batteries less often.

Behind the ear

A behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid is made of a shape that curves over the top of the ear and has a component that rests behind the ear. These are best suited for a range of ages and degrees of hearing loss. Both adults and children are great candidates for this type of hearing aid, and it helps with many types of hearing loss.

Receiver in canal or receiver in the ear

The receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid is like the behind-the-ear style, but it offers a wire instead of a tube to connect the front and back portions of the hearing aid. As a result, they are more discrete.

Open fit

An open-fit hearing aid is a type of a behind-the-ear hearing aid that keeps the ear canal open and unencumbered, which allows for some sounds to enter the ear as they normally would. This hearing aid amplifies certain sounds, such as high-frequency sounds. This is a good option for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss, and want to use the hearing they have.

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