Who might benefit from custom earmolds?


The ears can be extremely sensitive to sound and water. This is why patients who are in need of custom earmolds work with the team at Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat to obtain earmolds that fit comfortably and precisely into the outer ear to protect the ears from dangerous levels of noise that can permanently damage their hearing. Custom earmolds are made right in our practice to fit perfectly into the ear, allowing them to work more effectively than over-the-counter ear plugs.

Who benefits from the use of custom earmolds?

There are many reasons why a patient would consider working with a doctor to obtain custom earmolds. First and foremost are patients who work around high levels of noise or enjoy certain leisure activities that may subject their ears to damaging levels of noise. This includes:

  • Target shooters
  • Construction Workers
  • Hunters
  • Airline workers
  • Musicians

Additionally, we see many individuals who are seeking custom earmolds to wear during swimming. Patients who swim regularly might be subjected to conditions such as swimmer’s ear, during which water gets into the ear canals and causes a blockage. It can be extremely uncomfortable, but can be prevented with the use of custom earmolds. They are recommended for individuals who have had ear tubes, are swimmers and surfers, or those that commonly get swimmer’s ear when enjoying time in the water.

How is a custom earmold made?

Our doctor starts with an impression of each ear with silicone material, that is then sent off to a custom earmold manufacturer. These molds are used to create the earmolds from various materials and in different colors. The final earmolds are then sent back to our office for the patient to pick up when convenient.

Learn more about custom earmolds with the team of Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat

Our team of professionals help a wide range of patients in the areas of Neptune, Holmdel, and Manahawkin, NJ and works directly with individuals to provide them solutions for their needs. If you are in need of custom earmolds, we can help! Call our main office line at (732) 280-7855 to schedule a consultation appointment and discuss your custom earmold needs at one of our three convenient locations throughout the community.