Custom Earmolds in Holmdel, Manahawkin & Neptune NJ

Custom earmolds are made to specifically fit the size and shape of your individual ear, which provides for a more comfortable fit compared to many over-the-counter options. The tighter, more accurate fit provides for a better seal to protect against noise exposure or to keep water out of the ear. An audiologist takes impressions of each ear using a silicone material; these impressions are then sent out to an earmold manufacturer who will make the molds specific for each order. Earmolds are available in various materials and colors. For children, it is recommended that they use earmolds attached to their hearing aids. Since their ears are constantly growing and changing in size and shape, the audiologist will need to monitor the fit of the earmolds at regular follow-up appointments.

Some common types of custom earmolds include:

Musician Molds

Musician molds filter out high levels of noise without changing the sound quality of music. This type of mold is available in a choice of three different filters depending on the amount of sound attenuation that is needed. It is recommended for musicians or frequent concert attendees.

Swim Molds

Swim molds prevent water from getting into the ear canal. Swim molds are recommended for individuals with ear tubes, surfers, and people who frequently get swimmer’s ear.

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection attenuates the level of sound reaching the ear to help reduce damage to inner ear function and potential hearing loss from exposure to loud noise. These are recommended for hunters, target shooters, and individuals who have an occupation that exposes them to dangerous noise levels.

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